20 Ropemaker Street is set for development to 112-metre-high office tower!

Skanska has won a £240m contract to build a 112-metre high office tower at 20 Ropemaker Street in the City of London.

Looks to be an exciting project to see develop, located at the junction of Finsbury Pavement and Ropemaker Street close to Moorgate tube station. It will rise to 112 metres above pavement level, with a double-height retail unit within a ‘street block’ along Finsbury Pavement. It will include a double-height entrance and lobby along Ropemaker Street with a separate dedicated cycle entrance. A single storey of business space will be located at a mezzanine level within the ‘street block’.

Sustainability and creating a safe working environment are the top aims of this project. Construction is due to start before Spring and complete early in 2023.
Skanska said that the project will be built using sustainable construction techniques, such as efficient use of water and energy, ‘zero waste to landfill’ and materials that reduce the impact of operations on ecosystems will be used.

Do you work in the city? What would you like to see in building you work in?

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