🛠️The renovation time is the perfect opportunity to change the way of heating. Here are 4 reasons to use underfloor heating:

1️⃣A vertical profile of air temperature is beneficial for residents. With underfloor heating, the coldest air is in the ceiling, so for people is warmer in the legs and cooler in the area of the head. In the case with radiators, is the opposite. 
2️⃣Underfloor heating is a very good solution for heating high rooms. Radiator heating raises the air and accumulation of warm air under the ceiling, which generates heat losses. Underfloor heating maintains constant temperature from the floor to the head.
3️⃣Underfloor heating is an ideal solution for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. Radiators are additional elements on which dust is collected, which when heated raises upwards.
4️⃣A larger room area. The lack of radiators allows us to better arrange the interior. Underfloor heating takes up less space because the flooring is one big radiator.

Remember that wrong choice of materials or mismatching of the heating system to the specifics of a natural material such as wood may result even in damages to the floor!