As the global temperatures pike and the climate gets hotter, water shortages are likely to become an increasing trend. Luckily, bathroom designers have up with a few clever tricks that allow you to redecorate AND be kind to the planet!

1. Install a shower/basin with aerated fixtures. This technology introduces bubbles into the water, allowing you to create the same pressure as standard equipment without using as much water.
2. Upgrade your loo. Dual flushing systems can help save water with even more efficient options available. Most dual flush loos offer you the choice between 4/6 litre flushes, but now there are also 3/6 litre options available. This could save you up to 6,000 litres per year on your utility bill!
3. Look out for bathroom suites/pieces that come with the WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme)– it means they are water efficient.
4. Time your bath or shower by installing a SmarTap. This allows you to set the duration of your wash ahead of time and automatically shuts off the water supply after that, helping you to keep track of your water usage. Some will even allow you to set the temperature (heating water accounts for almost 4% of total UK 4 carbon emissions!)

We always supports eco-planet solutions!