After July’s warmer than usual weather, climate change has become a hot topic! Individuals and families looking to reduce their carbon footprint can make a material difference to the planet (and their pocket) by choosing to make their homes more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Making a few simple changes can make all the difference. These could range from:

• Using non-toxic, VOC-free paint when you next decide to decorate
• Insulating your heating ducts and pipes to reduce energy wastage (which will also help you save on heating/cooling bills)
• Fitting more energy efficient/water-saving appliances in your kitchen and bathroom
• Adding solar panels to generate your own ‘clean’ electricity
• Choosing fixtures and fittings made from sustainable materials
• Installing energy efficient windows to reduce temperature fluctuations, conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Finding a reliable and resourceful builder who can help you to make smart choices when you next decide to decorate/renovate your home is key. Not only will you benefit from their expert knowledge and experience, but you could also save yourself money on sourcing environmentally-friendly materials and furnishings, thanks to their carefully selected network of trusted suppliers. Not to mention avoid costly mistakes and potential headaches. Saving money AND the environment – now there’s a win-win proposition!

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