Kiamil Alkan, a 63-year-old Cypriot trading as Kiki Builders and later as a director of Kiki Builders Ltd and as manager of Kiki Construction Ltd, of Sutherland Road, Enfield, was sentenced at Wood Green Crown Court on Friday 22nd February to four years and three months imprisonment.
Alkan is known to have worked on 11 residential properties in Enfield, taking more than £485,000.

Gary Clarke, criminal investigator for the Insolvency Service, said: “Kiamil Alkan adopted dishonest trading practices causing a significant amount of distress and harm for his customers and even being made bankrupt didn’t a put a stop to his unscrupulous activities.”
If possible, do your research on any potential builders you are thinking off employing, any genuine builder will be more than happy to show you past projects and previous happy customers!

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