As the popularity of gadgets like Alexa soar, so too do the possibilities created by smart home technology. Aside from its more traditional uses, like improving energy efficiency, it can also take your interior design plans to the next level.

For example, one way to use this tech to really make a statement, especially if you enjoy entertaining, is clever lighting. When paired with good design such as layering and zoning, remote controlled lighting can really create the wow factor, enhancing ambience at the touch of a button.

“A well-conceived design will use multiple circuits of lights,” says Iain Shaw from Brilliant Lighting. “Instead of twiddling multiple dimmers and having to remember what switch does what, you just press the button called ‘cooking’ or ‘dining’; it’s intuitive and practical.”

Of course, this does require some thought and a professional to set everything up, especially if you are thinking of adding it throughout your property. Choosing to include it as part of a wider home redecoration project is one way to minimise any disruption and save money.

Wondering where/how to get started? Your builder may be able to recommend a good contractor, or possibly even install it himself, if the design is relatively simple.