Changes to the planning system could help to ease the pressure on greenfield sites and continue to help London grow by building up! Any existing building can now add two storeys without the need for planning permission.

There are some restrictions the existing building must be detached and not in a conservation area or listed building. London estate agents Knight Franks estimated that 41,000 new homes could be added to the London housing stock through airspace development.

Not all are happy at the planning changes though, in its official response to the Government’s proposals, RIBA warned:
“The poor quality of existing residential development under permitted development is creating large quantities of unsafe and poor-quality housing that will create long-term problems for the housing stock. Policy on this matter should not be focused on numbers alone. Quality is vital.”

Quality should always come first; it will be interesting to see the uptake of airspace development across London.

Would you consider building up?

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