Kirstie’s and Phil’s Love It, or List it? Has returned to our screens on channel 4, the latest episode featured a couple whose main complaint was the family of 5 had to share one bathroom. The premise of the show is Phil shows them houses they could buy within budget in the area, while Kirsty has a budget of £50k to make renovations to the existing house. After renovations, the couple must decide whenever they want to remain living in the property or put it on the market.

The last episode saw £49k renovation but the main issue wasn’t solved, they still left the one bathroom for the family to share. And while the renovation did tick other boxes, it did get some negative comments on social media as to how long can a family of 5 survive with one bathroom, especially as children turn into teenagers?

Our advice is you are planning a renovation is to make sure it’s fit for purpose as your family grows, what do you want from your house in 5, 10, 15 years’ time?

We have the privilege of creating our client’s dream homes, but it’s after we go through a planning process, using our experience to highlight the family’s futures needs, perhaps sometimes it isn’t obvious to the homeowner. We love nothing more than unlocking the potential of our client’s homes!