Many people are being asked to work from home to combat the spread of the coronavirus, this will be a big change for many of people if you have never worked from home before how do you ensure you are still productive?

Maintain your schedule – you won’t have a commute to worry about so you should have some extra time in the morning but it’s very important to set a schedule and stick to it.

Have a dedicated workspace – find an area of your home where distractions are kept to a minimum and ideally, it’s a space dedicated to work. You need to be able to switch off, having a dedicated space helps to do that.

Take regular breaks – have a break from your computer or phone just like you would do in the office.

Set ground rules for other household members – it’s very easy to get distracted by other people at home so it’s important to let people know when you don’t want to be disturbed.

A few simple steps should see you be as productive at home as in the office, do you think this will lead to a long-term change in the way we work in the future?