With our properties, sometimes we can use additional spaces. We find them both in our garages, basements and attics.

Well used, they will make us have more space to live, and in addition finishing these interiors we create spaces that are better insulated and cared for, which in the course of the year will allow us to save money (contrary to appearances, maybe a large 30% of heat escapes us roofs and attics).

A good repair team will do their job reliably and well. Thanks to it, we can make our newly created rooms as we dreamed. It gives us confidence that everything is done correctly, and we will not have many surprises after renovation. They will know which surfaces can be used and adapted, and which can only be partially transformed into living quarters, offices or home gyms.

To create your perfect space for yourself and your family, you need a good team that will do everything that matters most to you. Therefore, it is worth using the services of Pawlus Construction, which will create perfect loft conversions for you quickly, at a good price.

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