The fashion trend for wood burners over the last few years doesn’t show any sign of slowing down, 200,000 wood burners are sold annually in the UK.

But according to some scientists, when wood is burned, it releases harmful pollutants, including tiny particles known as PM2.5 which are easily inhaled and can enter the bloodstream. Of all pollutants, this particulate matter has the most significant impact on our health, linked to heart disease, strokes and cancer.

According to research, a new stove can produce about six times more particle pollution per hour than a modern diesel lorry, or 18 times more than a modern diesel car.

In high density cites like London where air pollution is a big concern, we need to consider the impact of the fuel we burn. If you do have a wood burner you can make a smarter choice by burning briquettes or wood pellets which deliver more heat with fewer pollutants!

Does the level of pollution surprise you?