Could Minecraft be good for the construction industry?

For those of you who haven’t played it, Minecraft involves “mining” different kinds of 3D blocks and then “crafting” them into new creations. While children view the game as pure entertainment, it has a lot of the skills required for virtual design!

Chartered Institute of Building has noticed and designed ‘Craft Your Future’ within the Minecraft world, through it, young learners collaborate in teams to design, plan and build within Newtown, a specially created virtual city.

Technology is moving so fast it will transform many aspects of construction, and we will certainly need to attract the skills where technology blurs the lines between virtual and reality. The World Economic Forum estimates the 65% of children in primary education will end up in a job that hasn’t been invented yet!

So, if you do have a child obsessed with Minecraft it might not be a bad thing!

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