Successive governments have underinvested in Britain’s housing stock, it seems they can’t find the answer but could it be as simple as the’ terrace upcycle’?
Adams+Collingwood Architects have revealed their innovative yet simple concept for transforming the UK’s housing market. The key? Traditional terraced homes.
“Using a simple set of design rules, the Terrace Upcycle strategy creates two homes where previously there was one. It addresses not just the basic issue of the housing crisis (there not being enough homes) but also the issue of developments encroaching upon green belt land and the increasing importance to focus on developing more homes as sustainably as possible.”
Although terraced housing can be different, their basic two up, two down style is fairly standard. The architect’s answer is to build a single-story fully glazed extension with a planted roof terrace instead of a traditional pitched roof, this gives 50% more living space.

We think this is a great idea, “In Greater London alone, its application could result in the addition of approximately 1.7 million ground floor dwellings to London’s housing stock, all without any encroachment on green belt land and focused on the zero-carbon upgrade of all existing elements.”