It’s natural that light, bright rooms make us happier, think of all that vitamin D you are absorbing! Here are 3 quick tips to improve light in your home.

Decorate Using Mirrors
The shinier surfaces you can add to a room will bounce the light around, think large mirrors, chandeliers and silver photo frames.

Window Dressing
Heavy, thick curtains often absorb light, when picking window dressings go for light, natural fabrics which help to preserve natural light.

Colour Choice for Dark Rooms
Lighter paint colours will make your room feel lighter. Even so, many colours, no matter how light, absorb light. Select a light colour that reflects, not absorbs, light. Add warmth with rich neutrals such as espresso brown, mushroom grey, warm rust colours and camel tan.

3 quick tips to improve light in your home, if you are planning an extension make sure you plan in as much natural light as possible!

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