Liverpool Victoria Insurance claims that 29% of Brits play around with their electrics each year. That’s 18,850,000 million people risking their life and their family’s life every year in the UK.

Most people wouldn’t think that it could invalidate your home insurance if you have been carrying out DIY electrics, The Local Authority Building Council reported that up to 70% of the public was unaware that certain types of work required compliance. Lack of awareness of the regulations (Part P and Wiring Regulations) is what is driving the DIY nation in the UK.

One-third of registered electricians spend around a quarter of their working time correcting botched jobs! It begs the question of why just not get in the professionals in the first place?
Electrics are really something you don’t want to play around with, as well as the risk of personal injury you run the risk of poor electrics causing house fires!

IN the age of the YouTube tutorial videos have given one in ten Brits the false sense of security and confidence that they can easily carry out certain jobs by themselves.

Our advice is to get the professionals in and keep your home safe!
Would you attempt your own electric work at home?
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