Do you always have to extend to create more space?

Simple answer, No! Redesigning the layout of a room can create the illusion of more space when the actual footprint stays the same. Your first step is to design a room around your lifestyle, spend time thinking about what you want from the space.

We love this example, which was featured in Ideal Home, the article features a small kitchen, which felt dark and was not a great space for entertaining. By moving the kitchen to the opposite end of the room and putting in patio doors floods the space with light.…/before-after-dark-blue…

‘Instead, we decided to go with our instincts and create two areas, separated by a peninsula, and open up the back wall to let in light and give us a view of the garden.’ And what a difference that made…”

Clever use of open shelves and good design makes the most out of this space, it just goes to show that remodelling a room can give you everything you want!

Would you like to create more space in your home?
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