We know that renovation is very stressful. It’s a lot of noise, dirt, dust floating everywhere, and paint cans lying around, wall parts, cables, new appliances and old ones dismantled. When we live in an apartment that we are renovating at the same time, we can get an ulcer or migraine by looking at this battlefield. What can you do to not go crazy during the renovation?


1️⃣ Plan your renovation
Scheduled repairs are, above all, less stress due to unexpected accidents. Do not kid yourself, they will also perform, but the plan will be much less.

2️⃣ Remove as many things from the apartment as possible
When we renovate in stages, moving things between rooms can be a nuisance. What’s more, sometimes it’s hard to find all the things. If we can remove some of them, let’s do it.

3️⃣ Let’s plan specific dates
The specific renovation dates are not only information for the owner, when he needs to prepare to look after the renovation: this is also the time frame for the contractor.

4️⃣ Use the services of a good renovation team.
A good repair crew does not leave too much mess. In the apartments, they know exactly what they can do.

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