Easy design hacks to brighten up your home!

If you feel l like you need a few easy tricks to make your home, look pretty and welcoming try these:

Fresh Flowers instantly brighten up a room. Maybe you don’t think you have a knack for flower arranging, but it is easier than it looks.
Arrange items in groups of three, as soon as you start displaying items in a group of three, they begin to look like an edited selection of items that have been carefully curated.

Declutter – maybe a little boring but has a big impact, great time to have a good sort out before Christmas fills up your home again!

Embrace fragrant candles they look good on any shelf or mantelpiece, but also, they give your home a wonderful scent which makes it feel inviting, appealing and cosy.

4 quick tips which can revitalise any home, what is your favourite design trick?

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