According to the UK government, all new homes built in Britain could soon come with a dedicated parking bay fitted with its own electric car charge point as standard.

It is currently in consultation with members of the public and industry players from the building, motor, banking and energy sectors to see whether this strategy is viable. If so, it could encourage more people to buy electric vehicles, whilst also making it easier and cheaper for households to run them.

If the plans do get the thumbs up, the UK would become the first country to introduce mandatory electric charge points as part of new build regulations. The Secretary for Transport explained the thinking behind the proposed move:

“With record levels of ultra-low emission vehicles on our roads, it is clear there is an appetite for cleaner, greener transport. Home charging provides the most convenient and low-cost option for consumers – you can simply plug your car in to charge overnight as you would a mobile phone.”

As part of its Road to Zero Strategy, the government is already financing a subsidy scheme designed to encourage existing homes to become electric vehicle ready by providing owners with up to £500 off the costs of installing a charge point at home. For more information about the scheme, visit