The temporary relaxation of the rules relating to planning permission for home extensions has now been made permanent in England.

As part of a bid to get rid of red tape and relieve the housing shortage, the UK government announced in May that families in England wanting to build an extension to their existing home will no longer have to apply for planning permission.

Instead, they will simply have to notify their local council, who will consult with immediate neighbours to see if they raise any objections.

The new rules apply to:
• Terraced and semi-detached homes – extensions of 6 metres or less
• Detached houses – structures measuring up to 8m in length.
Kit Malthouse, the minister for housing, hailed the move, saying that it meant that families could grow without being forced to move, adding,

“These measures will help families extend their properties without battling through time-consuming red tape.”

The legislation still doesn’t apply to Scotland, Wales or Ireland, however, where structures longer than 4m still need planning permission.

Good thing or bad thing? What’s your view?