The need to carry out a renovation of a floor can result from several reasons. It may be damage to one of the floor layers or damage to the surface. It often happens that the floor used so far no longer appeals to users or they want to make changes in the interior design.

🛠If the floor is damaged, it is first necessary to diagnose what is causing this condition. Thanks to this, you can choose the right way to repair. It is also best to immediately remove the cause of the problems. It cannot always be done – it may be that repairing a deformed substrate means serious renovation and interference into the deeper layers of the floor.

If you cannot #repair a part of the floor, there is nothing else to do but repair the entire surface. Choose the most rational variant. One of them is to put a new floor on the old one. The condition is that the substrate is stable and can be attached with a new finish.

In this case, it has to be taken into account that the floor level will rise and it will have utility consequences, for example, the door to the room will not open.