The stone floor has undisputed elegance, timelessness and a touch of luxury along with functionality. Travertine, like marble, requires impregnation because it has a rough surface.

+ It is very resistant to abrasion,
+ If we properly and regularly impregnate it, we can freely apply it in all rooms,
– This stone has a tendency to absorb moisture,
– It is extremely elegant, but has much less patterns and shades than marble. In principle, it mainly occurs in sand color.

Stone floors work great with underfloor heating, stone well accumulates heat and gives it for a long time after turning off the power supply of the installation.

Do you already have a floor and want to renew it? It is possible! There are also services related to the renovation of existing stone floors.

Do not you want to have a stone in the whole room? No problem! Stone floor can be freely combined with the floor finished with other materials – wood or carpet. In this way, the stone will be used, for example, locally, lining it with space around the #fireplace or #kitchen island or only part of the corridor or #living #room.