As part of a drive to boost the flagging construction industry, the government has announced plans to build more green homes in the ‘Construction Corridor’ in the North of England.

According to the announcement extra funding has been given to Homes England to build between 2,000-5,000 new modular homes per year, starting in Yorkshire. The plans form part of a wider government-backed bid to tackle the UK’s current housing shortage and encourage the industry to adopt more modern, eco-friendly building methods.

Of course, the timing is no coincidence – there is an election in December, after all! However, if plans do go ahead, they will certainly provide a welcome boost to the industry at a time when Brexit uncertainty has conspired to create a slowdown. These trends are reflected in this month’s Construction PMI Index, which revealed that growth in the sector had shrank to 44.2 points, a figure that is below the 50-point mark which separates growth from contraction.

What are your thoughts?
Should we only be concentrating only on the North of England? Or is there an argument for a much wider push towards more eco-friendly construction methods across the UK?