🔥The bedroom is -with no doubt – the place where we rest. This one room must be special, finished in such a way that the owners feel good in it. During the house renovation, we should devote extra time to preparing the bedroom. In addition to furniture and accessories, wall finishes, appropriate interior doors and windows with their fittings play a major role. How we arrange the bedroom will depend on the comfort of sleep and well-being thenext day. When planning a bedroom renovation, you should create your best personal space.

Especially in small apartments, a separate bedroom is usually the smallest room. To optically enlarge the surface, it is worth choosing bright colors of the walls, and adjust the remaining accessories to them.

Small or large – it doesn’t matter. Bedroom which is finished originally, with a good design, can be a real inspiration for everyone, and let you feel freely at your home.

Here, in Pawlus Construction, we use the best quality wall finishes.

Our clients can choose from a wide range of solutions that are tailored to their individual needs.

Let your bedroom bring you rest and relaxation after a hard day.