Spring is the perfect time to start #renovation of a house or flat. Of course, renovation of the interior in the winter is not impossible, but it will certainly give us additional worries and difficulties.

In spring, the greatest ally is the weather. Humidity of the air is lower and temperatures higher. We can easily open the windows so that the freshly painted wall surface will dry faster. Artificial #heating of the surface can lead to the departure of freshly laid wallpaper as well as discoloration. Spring allows you to extend your working time, because it is much longer. All this translates into a faster overhaul!

Properly prepared, we will make the unpleasantness associated with the renovation will be less painful, and the whole process will run quickly and efficiently. A lot also depends on a good renovation team, who will make changes to the apartment’s decor on time, change the color of the walls, replace the old windows and doors and make a complete metamorphosis of the #flat.