How can we encourage more girls in STEM subjects?

We should capitalise on the opportunity that COVID-19 has given us and encourage more women into the sector as flexible working practices have been proved to increase productivity, not detract from it. In 2019, 37 per cent of girls entered at least one STEM topic at A level compared to 51 per cent of boys.
“We all need to look carefully at what more we can do to support and encourage girls to consider STEM careers. There is a role here for the government, of course, but also for parents, teachers, careers advisors, and employers. I have no doubt that by showing young women the wide range of careers available in construction, we are increasing their opportunities and choices. As well as attracting the best talent to the sector.
Part of this is the need to break down the dated stereotypes and gender norms dissuading girls from choosing the STEM subjects that can lead to a fulfilling career in the sector.” Baroness Elizabeth Berridge.
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A diverse team is a better team, and that is proven in every business metric, let’s all work together for an inclusive future in construction.