How can you keep your house warmer this winter?

The nights have closed in and your starting to feel the cold here are some tips to keep your homes warm and energy bills down!

Fix the draughts – draught-proof your windows, letterbox, and chimney. The University of Liverpool calculated that households lose around 4 per cent of total heat up the chimney, so a high-quality block that prevents draughts could save you over £200 a year.

Loft hatches can be a common source of heat loss, fix draught strips around the loft hatch and insulate the door. And of course, insulate your loft if you haven’t already!

Seal any gaps in skirting boards, it is amazing the difference it can make!

Consider the furniture in the room, don’t have any furniture in front of radiators which blocks the heat from travelling around the room. Consider floating shelves over radiators if possible as this can direct the heat downwards, and use heavyweight curtains at the windows to keep the heat in.

A few simple tips can keep your rooms warmer and save a few pounds on heating bills!

How do you keep warm in winter?
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