Many investors buy their first real estate in the flipping system: buy cheap- renovate- sell expensive. The idea is correct, if we find such a property that will not be overestimated.

It all depends on the cost of renovation: if these are too high, it can be a big problem with the sale of renovated properties. Sometimes, when buying a house, we may not know that the property will require additional improvements, or it will take longer to restore the property to its original state than we originally expected.

So how do you get rid of unnecessary, too high costs? Choosing a reliable, good repair team. And above all – the team experienced in renovations of entire houses, have in the crew people dealing with all aspects of renovation – from laying tiles, to painting.

Our experience shows that you can renovate your homes by cutting costs, but without losing out on quality. We know how to reduce the renovation costs. That’s why cooperation with Pawlus Construction is a pure pleasure for both parties.

Investor! If you want to renovate well and sell at a profit, use our services!

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