If you are embracing a new build or a renovation project you will likely be embracing the latest in technology in smart tech, in the future your home will know it has a problem before you even realise!

The homes of the future with artificial intelligence will be able to anticipate our needs, from reading our schedule and waking us up at the correct time, to turn the shower on at the correct temperature, just how we like it!

Nicknamed the ‘Internet of Things’ our homes will monitor everything from security to personal health!

“Luxus Design-Build says homes are increasingly being built “smart” from the ground up. “It’s such an integral part of the home that we’re designing it from the beginning, where beforehand technology was always an afterthought,” he says. Ultimately, experts say, people will come to see smart-home technology as essential as electricity, refrigeration or air-conditioning. Smart-home tech, and the data it collects, will “be like plumbing,” says Cooley, from electronics-component manufacturer Silicon Labs. “You’ll rely on it.”
Read more about the home of the future: https://time.com/5634791/smart-homes-future/

How do you think tech will improve the homes of the future?

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