There are many ways to get enough light into the interior of the rooms. In converted lofts, the most common mistakes are roof windows. The market offer is very diverse. The #windows can be mounted individually, in pairs and sequences – rows, one above the other or next to each other. To evenly illuminate the #interior, it is better to use 2 or 3 glazing in different places than one large, with the same area.

Another solution is the installation of facade windows, which is the simplest to implement. It is enough in the gable or elbow walls (if they are high enough) to cut openings, insert lintels and windows.

However, this has its drawbacks. In practice, the range of light entering them is often limited. This applies in particular to wide buildings and those with transverse walls.

If you do not know what kind of window you want to use, consult a #specialist. At our Pawlus Construction, we have teams that will professionally advise you what’s in your case an economically good solution and at the same time finding your taste.