How will Brexit affect the skills shortage in construction?
The UK is due to officially part ways with our European neighbours in a matter of weeks, as the free movement of people ends how will this impact the construction industry?
In the short term at least, there is expected to be some disruption, already under pressure from COVID which is affecting supply chains as raw material become difficult to source. But it’s hoped over the longer term it could be an opportunity to invest and train UK suppliers.
“The Construction Industry Training Board, (a public body sponsored by the Department for Education) has recently published its Strategic Plan for 2021-2025; this focusses heavily on how the department is investing in training support for the construction industry to increase the opportunities and outcomes for trainees and existing workers. Although this will not necessarily solve the problems in the short term, it offers hope for the longer-term success of building a skilled and innovative workforce post-Brexit”…/challenges-and…

The government has also committed to the industry with much-welcomed changes to the planning system and large investments in building new homes and infrastructure