How will Brexit affect the UK Skills shortage?

According to the CITB (Construction Industry Training Board), we need to recruit around a quarter of a million people into the building game. Partly due to a rapid population increase, higher demand for homes, very few homes being built, and more needed in the future.

With a deal still not on the table, it seems at least in the short-term we will face a skills shortage as European workers will find it more difficult to work in the UK.

As a nation we need to encourage our children and grandchildren to pursue a skilled trade, we need to explain the benefits and encourage the next generation back into construction.

“We need to prioritise UK based materials manufacturers and suppliers, utilise the skills and talents of UK based architects, surveyors, tradespeople, project managers, and the entire collective of workers that are instrumental in the success of all construction projects.”

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How do you think Brexit will affect UK construction?

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