The true impact of COVID won’t be fully understood for some years, we have certainly seen some major shifts in the construction industry, these include:

Flexible working – Before the COVID-19 pandemic, many construction business owners were reluctant to adopt a flexible work arrangement. While construction site workers still need to work on the field, office roles such as those in procurement, client relations, and human resources will/can be fulfilled remotely.

Online conference – the construction industry has had to go digital! With travel bans looking set to continue the use of video conference call will become the new normal.

Hygiene can no longer be ignored – we will see a bigger emphasis on health and hygiene in existing safety practices on construction sites.
Sourcing local materials – Local suppliers tend to be more accessible and reactive to changing conditions than international counterparts, this could lead to companies making changes to their supply change.

What do you think the lasting changes are in construction form COVID?

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