It’s a growing trend right across Europe and one that seems to be catching on here in the UK too: co-housing is being touted as the perfect home ownership solution for those wanting to live more sustainably amongst a community of like-minded people whilst also sharing building/maintenance costs.

So what is it, exactly? Basically, it’s when a group of people club together to build their own living space or eco-village from scratch which they then co-own and run. Usually, it consists of bespoke living areas designed to suit each person in the group’s specific living needs, mixed in with some shared spaces, such as gardens or offices that give them an added social dimension.

Co-housing is thought to have originated in Germany where it is known as Baugruppen, which means ‘building group.’ However, with more and more people looking for alternative solutions to conventional mortgage-owned properties or retirement homes, co-housing has become increasingly popular.

There are currently around 20 such developments in the UK, with at least 40 more in the pipeline. Many are financing their developments through specialist companies and building societies set up just for this purpose.

Would you consider going down the co-housing route?