Windows is the gap between indoors and out, framing the changing landscape and reconnecting us to nature. While their shape, style or color — and even the way they’re dressed — can define the style of a home, the best thing about them is their ability to brighten a space. The light is very important, especially in small rooms, where there is a small number of windows. A small window is not able to provide the necessary amount of light. However, we can change this state of affairs, applying not only additional artificial lighting, but using proven tricks, which are really able to help us in this situation.

Sometimes glass doors can function as windows in our living rooms. Mixed with floor-length drapes, with a punchy black curtain rod mounted close to the ceiling will emphasize the space’s height.

In staircases oversized windows can add light, but also be a decorative element. But you need to remember, that the configuration of your windows plays a significant role in defining the character of your home. Very popular is also use of steel windows and doors.