🛠Renovation of the living room does not necessarily have to be a big, heavy overhaul. Using only two tricks can make us change our living room very quickly to modern and fresh.

1️⃣ Refreshing the color of the walls
The walls have the largest area in the room. If we want to make the room bigger, we can paint it in brighter colors. Do not be afraid of the bold colors: used on one of the walls will make everything suspended or placed on it, will be exposed. The wall itself should be painted exactly, because it will also attract attention.

2️⃣ A new floor
If we have more funds and we can afford more changes, we can change the floors. This will allow us to refresh our space and make the room more modern. A well-designed floor will make it serve us for many years.
Refreshing our living room can be done quickly, efficiently, and for little money, even if we use a renovation team.

A good renovation company is the AP London Building. Experience, consistency, speed and high quality are our qualities that we are proud of.

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