Loft adaptation for housing purposes is becoming more and more popular. In many cases, this can be done without obtaining permits or without making too many changes to the body of the building. Because there are such possibilities!

Skillful use of the space of our attics can make us gain a new room, bedroom, bathroom or space for a study or gym. When the family expands, each child’s room will be easier for us. Or maybe we just want to have an extra room, in a beautiful, urban chic?

Can you make a conversion loft without spending a fortune on it? Yes of course! All you need is an idea, some imagination, and … a good renovation team. It is unacceptable for the renovation to be prolonged, especially when the weather is not good, and the paints dry longer, or the house gets damp.

The experienced repair team of Pawlus Construction will plan all the work so that the renovation will be short, without stress, and without too much load on the wallet.

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