It’s no secret that UK winters are getting wetter, with flash flooding becoming a regular occurrence every autumn. In fact, 5/6 of the wettest UK winters on record have all occurred since 2000.

Floods can be devastating for home-owners, damaging property and possessions, often beyond repair.

So what can be done to make homes more floodproof? Aside from important factors such as building or buying in the right places, there are a few things people can do to their homes to improve drainage and help prevent potential flood damage:
•Installing flood proof windows and doors
•Protecting your basement
•Having a sump/submersible pump fitted in low-lying rooms
•Choosing stone/wood floors rather than carpets in downstairs areas
•Fitting pipes with non-return stop valves to prevent overflowing sewage from ruining your home
•Using waterproof materials or varnish on features such as skirting boards
•Planting patches of lawn to absorb water in the garden

Basement properties are particularly at risk during events such as these, so it is worth getting the property fully surveyed and then acting on their recommendations.
Get a professional to advise you. We are happy to help you without any obligations:
What do you wish you’d done to minimize the damage?