Much like finance, construction isn’t exactly renowned for being terribly female-friendly. However, all that looks set to change as a skills shortage, combined with a new wave of apprenticeships, pave the way for more women to break into this traditionally male-dominated industry.

According to statictics, women currently make up around 14-16% of all construction industry professionals.

But this figure looks set to rise as old stereotypes get thrown out of the window and an increasing number of females choose a career in construction. Add to that an industry-wide drive to increase diversity, together with a skills shortage and you have the perfect set of conditions for female numbers to rise in this sector.

The BBC recently did a report about an apprenticeship through an engineering firm as part of a return-to-work career change. Since 2010, apprenticeship schemes have been on the rise, offering those aged 16 or over the chance to earn a wage and learn on the job.

#PawlusConstriction is proudly run by a woman as well, Anna Pawlus, and we support this movement not because of sentiment, but it is a real value to the company and industry.

What is your experience with women in construction?