🖌 The need to #decorate #walls in residential interiors is probably for as long as there is a man himself. Modern decorating techniques allow us, depending on our preferences and style of interior, to choose such ways of decorating walls, so that they become an integral part of the design of the interior, while giving it an individual character.

👩‍🎨 Choosing house #renovation with Pawlus Construction, you can choose from variety of ways to make your walls individual and special.

🎨 #Decorative #systems are structural weights which, when applied to the wall, can imitate natural stone or concrete. This is a very attractive form of #decoration, because alone and without loss of space (which takes a real natural stone or concrete screed) we can get a decorative effect matched by the character and color of the interior design. Such a structure installed on a wall or its fragment is a remarkable decoration and often also a central theme for the arrangement of space.