In recent years interior design has been put on colors, which will not change in 2019. The most important and the most recent trend will be the use of pastel colors such as pale lilac, celadon, light yellow or dusted and whitewashed blue. They will be an ideal base for introducing stronger colors. The trendy colors will also bring warm and neutral natural shades that are conducive to relaxation.

So what will reign on the walls in 2019? The color of the year was announced caramel spiced honey, beige, orange in apricot, or brown in the version of coffee with milk or chocolate. Among the colors that appeared in the last years and which are still back-up, you must certainly exchange shades of pink, which will be slightly replaced with dirty, light and powdery shades called blush pink. Black also will be used (especially in the case of kitchen furniture or bathroom design in the style of spa) and intense colors of precious stones, including ruby red (crimson), emerald green, dark purple amethyst or dramatic sapphire grenade.