The most important thing in renovating an #apartment is to have a plan. The best is a good and simple plan. In order to become a real Napoleon among repair strategists, before starting the rollover of tiles in the #bathroom, you should know, know and be able to answer the following questions:

 What exactly do you want to renovate? Which rooms? Part or whole apartment?

 When do we need / we need to start #renovation? Until when do we need / we have to finish renovation?

Would we live in a flat during renovation and do we have any place to move out at this time?

Will we know the exact scope of renovation work? Do we know what exactly is to be done?

 Do we have a team that has been checked for this?

 Are we able to take care of the renovation ourselves, often in the apartment, have the opportunity to arrive during the day, bring missing items, supervise the work?

 What’s the budget for renovation? Does the budget also include new furniture, lighting, home appliances, necessary accessories?

If so- then we start!