To make the home renovation work without major disturbances, it is worth paying attention to the 4 most important elements:

1️⃣ Find a good #repair team
Good teams are essential. Not only that they will do their job in the set time, you will not have to make any corrections. After good working team, the flat will be nicely finished. The Pawlus Construction has in its team renovation people that will do their job good, accurately and on time. You will be happy with them.

2️⃣ Be #patient
Even the best inspirations and plans in contact with reality may be unfeasible, or the time required to complete them may be longer than the one you set. Therefore, be patient and try not to get too many emotions.

3️⃣ Plan your work in #advance
Do not think that everything can be done right away. Renovation must have its own schedule so working teams do not bother each other.

4️⃣ Be ready for #compromises
It may turn out that the tiles or the color of the walls will not work. Think about possible alternatives.