🏘For some #people, the modern apartment is ubiquitous concrete, minimalism and futuristic finish. But this is not true at all. We do not always have to put on concrete.

If we have already decided on concrete, we can apply solutions that at first glance will be similar, and the implementation costs will be completely different. For #example, we can apply a mineral plaster, which in many ways is able to imitate concrete. From a distance, both materials are virtually unrecognizable. In addition, mineral plaster is much less expensive than concrete buildings, especially since the whole will be located behind the cabinets, so nobody will pay attention to it.

So we #need to think carefully about what our house should look like, and only then make the final decision. This is the best solution, especially if we count with every expense, which is why it is good to think about it. To cut costs even more, and #achieve your perfect home, call Pawlus Construction.