There are several key elements that we should remember during the renovation:

– Painting is not just the location of a new paint. Sometimes the surface of the walls may need to be re-primed.

-We always remember to refresh the surface of PVC, and such are, for example, windows that often deteriorate from sunlight and a layer of dust.

– Destroyed floor is the bane of many apartments. I save the wooden surfaces with solid washing and oil impregnation, which will refresh the color. If you want to give it a new color, you should first polish the previous layer of varnish. Ceramic tiles can be saved thanks to strong cleaning agents. However, with a major refurbishment, it is advisable to also exchange grouts and damaged tiles. A quick solution is also the location of a new #floor covering.

-Focus on a decent #construction crew who will do their job accurately.

– Vision is not everything. It is worth using the help of a professional who will revise our ideas and adapt them to the interior.