Renovating, extending or building your own home? This may be the perfect opportunity to introduce some smart gadgets into the mix. Choosing to install these systems at the same time as any building work could also save you a lot of money and help you achieve something truly life-enhancing.

According to Philipp Schuster from Loxone, “A real smart home should make life easier and give you more time for living rather than cluttering up your day with tech gimmicks you have to babysit”.

Choosing what to install depends very much upon your lifestyle. These days, you can get smart gadgets and apps that’ll allow you to remotely control everything from lighting and heating, to home security, access to the property, music/entertainment systems and even window blinds.

However, this does mean a bit of advance planning. Ideally, it’s best to work in tandem with your builder to ensure a smooth installation process. You’ll also want to involve them early on in the design and planning stages to avoid any potential snags.

Has smart home tech improved your life?