Building Regulations govern all aspects of construction in the UK, but there is an increasing emphasis on energy efficiency and cutting carbon emissions from our homes.

Introducing the Passivhaus Institute.
A Passivhaus building aims not to use as much energy in the first place by being effectively sealed against the elements.
While construction methods may vary, all Passivhaus buildings will have these points in common:
• far greater insulation than typical UK properties
• triple glazing, with insulated frames
• impressive airtightness levels (around 20x more than a standard build)
• mechanical ventilation, with a heat recovery system attached.
According to research Passivhaus buildings virtually cost nothing to heat so heating costs are virtually zero for occupants. Which has got to be a win-win for householders and the environment?

Of course, a barrier to large scale developments is more upfront cost. Do you think the government should do more to encourage developers to build energy-efficient homes?