It happens almost every year – we spend a fortune over Christmas, only for energy prices to go up in January. So how can we make sure that we keep heating bills down over the winter months without going to bed at 6pm?

Here are some simple but effective DIY tips from a handyman that’ll instantly reduce the amount of heat you lose at home, saving you £££ whilst also keeping your home snug and tasty this winter:

• If you have a wood burner, make sure it has an airtight door fitted – this will stop heat from escaping up the chimney. However, you’ll need to make sure that you have a modern fireplace with an outside cold air intake to ensure you don’t end up with poor ventilation.

• Install quilted/thicker curtains on your windows to keep out drafts. Alternatively, opt for one of the latest shutter/blind designs.

• Only using one room in the house? Turn off the heating and invest in a space heater instead.

• Putting foil cards down the back of wall radiators can also help to prevent heat loss through exterior walls by deflecting heat back into the room.

• ‘Sausage dog’ draft excluders can also help to seal in heat in a room that has poor-fitting doors.