Renovation of a small bathroom is always a challenge. The problem here is a small area on which we have to set relatively many appliances. Many bathroom fittings can be cleverly hidden in the wall (for example, parts of pipes, toilet elements or showers), thanks to which we isolate vital centimeters. It is important to properly use cavities or create shelves for additional bathroom equipment.

The appropriate colors and amount of light is crucial here. Thanks to it, we can visually enlarge the room so that a large number of equipment does not overwhelm it and do not make it look cluttered. Be it lamps or additional windows, they will enlarge the space. Sometimes wallpapers in patterns will work well, which will additionally add the impression of spaciousness.

The appropriate repair team, such as the Pawlus Construction, will professionally help in finishing such a small area. Experienced, we will suggest how you can use space more effectively.

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