🎨Colors are especially important when we have a small surface to arrange. As in the case of other rooms, the right choice of colors plays an important role, also with choosing furniture for the kitchen.

What’s the #secret of spaciousness? We can say that uniform and open spaces. It is also very important for the optical enlargement of the kitchen to avoid excessive contrasts. Black and white decor or stripes of intense colors will work better in spacious apartments. A typical small kitchen, however, will not become #cozy, only #overwhelming.

For the perfect choose, check our Pawlus Construction site. Do not let the limited space be a limitation for your inspiring #ideas.

How is it worth to #plan it? Bright surfaces seem even larger when they are homogeneous – that is why it is important that the shades of the walls and tiles also remain bright. Mistakes in the form of too variegated colors of wallpaper and paint can nullify the effect that bright furniture will give to the kitchen.